Early Poptropica

In 14 steps : 

Enter Early Poptropica (When you land in the island you are still in “current” Poptropica.)

Talk to the settlers. You will have to find a pig, a bucket, and a flag.

Go back to Main Street (the landing area of Poptropica islands). Go down the sewer by the fire hydrant.

Get the pig from the bottom-right corner. Be careful of the spider, as it will bump you if you walk into him.

Go back up and to Early Poptropica. Give the pig to the settler who lost it.

Go down the well and find the glow stick at the upper-left corner.

Go back up and return to Main Street. This time, keep going left and you will be at Poptropica Towers. Find another hole and go down.

Explore the sewer until you find a golden egg. Get the egg.

Go back up.

Climb up the buildings until you get to the last one. On top of the last one is a vine. Go up the vine.

Click on the giant. Go right until you find a bucket and a jet pack. Take the bucket and jet pack.

Go back to the street. Using the jet pack, fly to the top of the water tower and get the flag.

Go back right to Early Poptropica and return the bucket and flag to the settlers.

A ship will come. Talk to the man to get your island medallion and credits.


Hypnotic costume  

Go to Poptropica Towers  The street on the left of main street

Go to the green building  The one where the skater boy is  

Climb until you reach the window with the orange flower in

Click the top left panel 

And there you have a free costume Ignore the members only part you can still use it




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